If somebody said, im interested in checking out that band “Cult of Luna”, what album would you recommend I listen to first? I would not recommend their latest concept album: Vertikal, I would tell that person to go and listen to The Beyond over and over again, and proceed from there.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a well written record from this crushing 7 piece, Post-Metal band from Sweden but it feels like it ends too quickly and has too many fillers. Though I am reviewing this record from a digital copy that I have, since I’m still waiting on my pre-order of the LP to arrive. I have a feeling once I sit down with a copy of the vinyl, I will view this record completely different and I will most probably rate it a lot higher, similar to when they first released Somewhere Along The Highway, which I originally didn’t like cause it reminded me of an ISIS album that I’ve already heard before but now it’s the one CoL record I keep going back too, it’s a real masterpiece!

I find CoL one of those bands that works best when listening to their albums on wax, soaking in the larger scaled artwork and getting that whole feeling of when Side A and B finishes and how Side C and D begins, I get the feeling that this album will be a real grower.

I’ve been a fan of CoL for the last 12 years and everything they have released has been mind blowing, but this record just doesn’t do it for me as much as their previous releases maybe they have accomplished everything already, im not sure? But Vertikal feels like there is a lot of re-used riffs and already been done CoL moments. Though after saying that, track 3: Vicarious Redemption is one of the best CoL tracks they have written in while, it’s 18:50 mins of crushing bliss, it takes the track 6 or so minutes to get going and 8 or so minutes til the vocals kick in but when it does, what a fucking experience!

Overall, this is still an amazing effort and still blows majority of other bands releases out of the water, but I just think that CoL set the bar so high from the start, that it was always going to be an extremely hard challenge to top it.

CHBP scores this record: 7.5/10


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