Sorry it’s a bit late but here’s my 2012 Top 20

Sorry it's a bit late but here's my 2012 Top 20

I’ve been a bit busy over the Christmas and New Year period, but better late than never here’s my list:

1. Pallbearer – Sorrow and Extinction
2. Troubled Horse – Step Inside
3. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell – Don’t Hear it…Fear it!
4. Tragedy – Darker Days Ahead
5. Pig Destroyer – Book Burner
6. Witchcraft – Legend
7. Horisont – Second Assault
8. Unsane – Wreck
9. Neurosis – Honor Found in Decay
10. Ahab – The Giant
11. Graveyard – Lights Out
12. Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind
13. Hooded Menace – Effigies of Evil
14. Old Man Gloom – NO
15. Mutilation Rites – Empyrean
16. Eagle Twin – The Feather Tipped the Serpent’s Scale
17. Samothrace – Reverence to Stone
18. Torche – Harmonicraft
19. Conan – Monnos
20. Christian Mistress – Possession

My Top 20 was also posted on another blog called Cacophemisms that is run by bunch of mates of mine, check it out cause they are good dudes that support and listen to great music!


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